A Week and a Day

…Until we leave for Belize! Welcome to all who are interested in reading/contributing. We are students from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio who have decided to take the second half of our student teaching international. We will be in Belmopan, Belize teaching in private and public schools at varying levels. This trip is unique because we have a large amount of students going to Belize who are studying in a program that has not yet become standard practice in Belize: special education. This experience will allow us to share with Belizean instructors our methods and for them to share theirs with us. As most teachers know, teaching is not just about teaching students, but also learning from them too. We can’t wait to teach and learn—not just about educational instruction, but also about Belize’s people, places, food, and history.

In this blog, you can expect to read about our travels and and our experiences in the classroom. To all you concerned parents, this is how you can keep track of us!

We are so fortunate for this opportunity. Not many student teachers have the means or the program in place to experience what we are about to experience. With this, we thank the people who have worked so hard to get us to this point of departure: Ellen Hill, Molly Kelly-Elliot, Dr. Terrell and his wife, the Mangan family, Dr. Davis, all of the other folks at Miami, and of course our parents/guardians! You’re awesome!


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