“Welcome to Planet Earth”

“Welcome to Planet Earth,” one of the airport workers said to me as we exited the last (thank God) airplane we would be in for two months. Planet Earth, indeed. A hot and humid Earth.

The coast

We were greeted by a steel drum band standing on the baggage claim ramp and playing lovely music. There will be many things I tell you as the months pass that happen in Belize that are way cooler than in Ohio, and this band is one of them.

After passing through customs, Ellen and Molly took us to the Bullfrog  Inn to pow-wow and eat. Here we met Dawn, who was hanging out at the  inn and gave us all the dirt on Belmopan. She was so helpful! She told us  where we should travel, who’s who, where’s what, etc. Dawn was the first  of the Belizeans we met who was so welcoming, warm, and just happy.  That’s the thing here; everyone’s pretty darn happy—Or from what I can  see, at least smiles. A bit of a change from most Americans. But we are so  happy to be here!
Next, we went to Glenise and Raoul’s home. They’re the host coordinators; they have been incredibly helpful and warm. They and our host families swept us up and mommy-and-daddy-ed us like it was their job! After talking to them, I felt so much more safe and oriented. Knowing that there is someone who will be here who we can contact if anything goes wrong was so helpful.
We’re all adjusting to our homes currently. No one’s been kicked out, which is a good sign. It turns out we’re not that high-maintenance Americans (the no cell phone thing is getting pretty old, though). We’re all spread out over Belmopan in our host houses, so it will be a challenge to all meet up in one place, but we will utilize our resources to get in touch to do so!
Now that all of us are here, we get to begin what we came here to do—go to school and learn some kiddos! It looks like we’re going to have an innovative group of people who are so excited to learn and teach. Here in Belize it’s rainy, but the temperature is not as hot as I thought it would be; we are in the rainy season, so it’s going to be pretty swampy until November.


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