Van Rides and Sunny (ish) Skies

Ellen, our fearless leader, piled us into the van and drove us around Belmopan yesterday. We saw everything from shops, Chinese restaurants, schools, to our host homes! Belmopan’s actually not too hard to navigate; there’s one road that has smaller roads that branch from it. It’s called the Ring road (pretty self-explanatory). If you can find the Ring road, you’re not lost. For me, one who can’t tell up from down, this is good news. I’m sure that once we all begin walking around and exploring, it’s going to feel just like Oxford! (with more stray dogs).
Today the weather has been quite sunny with some patchy rain. The swampiness has disappeared for the most part, too! Belmopan, with its bright colored buildings, beautiful plant-life (there’s a palm tree with coconuts in my back yard!),

and warm and welcoming people, is treating us well. If nothing, the warm weather is way better than being in Ohio. More photos and updates about how school is going are coming soon!


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