Just Chillin’ in San Pedro, NBD: Day One

Well, this weekend we just had to go to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. I tried to get out of it but Ellen said she would kick me out of student teaching if I didn’t go. Begrudgingly, I hopped into the party van for the ride to Belize City. Sitting in only the best seat—the back—I got about two feet of air when crazy Ellen obliterated the speed bumps. In Belize City I was pretty glad to be in that van. That city is on the heavier side of sketchy, and a white van with a bunch of white people in it attracts quite a lot of attention. Once we found the water taxi station after wandering around (my trick is to walk right in the middle of the street so if people want to mug me, they have to risk getting hit by vehicles too), it was all good. 

When we met Ray, Ellie, and Roxanne (Miami advisors who are now joining us), we jumped on the water taxi. We were all so pumped to get to the island and slathered on the sunscreen (SPF 70 with helioplex, people. It gets the job done!) Our h20 taxi driver pointed out certain points of interest while we cruised the Caribbean. We saw where Hurricane Hattie wiped out the middle of an entire island in the 60s, we saw random tiny islands with shacks on ‘em, we saw some of the Cayes, and could not believe how beautiful the water is.

Once we got to San Pedro, I almost jumped off the boat to get in the   water. It was more tempting than a 3 lb bowl of Nutella (I don’t know if Derek will believe me when I say that). We were in a totally different world full of white sand and blue water! Unfortunately they did not thrust umbrella drinks into our hands when we got off the boat…what’s up with that?

Man is not an island.

I had to cool my jets with the whole swimming thing but I did wade around on the beach after lunch as we waited for our personal golf carts to show up. Apart from snorkeling, I would say the golf carts were probably enough entertainment for a bunch of college kids. Maybe I can get a picture of Mary Grace’s golf cart battle wound on here. It’s what happens when you ask for “air.”

We checked into our resort, Royal Caribbean Resort. The little “casinas” (I think that’s what they were called) were adorable. Right on the beach, we could not ask for a better location. We were the only people at the resort! Therefore we had the gigantor pool, tiki bar, and pier to ourselves. Fancy.

I finally got in the water and extracted like four conch shells. They were huge! I’m going to use mine to teach Lord of the Flies (who wants to be Piggy?!)

The water was just the right temperature, and John let me use his snorkel to check out the artificial reef near our pier. I got to see some fun creatures—a sea urchin included, along with brightly colored fish I don’t know the name of.

I think one of the girls also got a priceless video of John cracking a coconut open on the beach, Tom Hanks Castaway style. After

chilling on the pier with coconut rum in our pineapple juice, we went to dinner at Elvi’s Kitchen for a lovely Mayan-inspired dinner courtesy of Miami University (and I guess our own tuition…)

Nicole, my wonderful and beautiful cohort member and friend

And after eating, I quickly hit the pillow sun-warmed, full, and blessed.



  1. I would just like you to know that when I saw the conch picture on facebook, my first thought was “Lord of the Flies!!!” So glad we’ve still got that jsffanclub mind connection. Also, when you return to Belize one day, I’m going with you (and don’t worry, I’ll be sure to thrust an umbrella drink into your grasp the second we get on the boat!)

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