Hold tight: Existential Crisis, Part 2

I don’t really think until this last week I finally realized that once I leave Belize, this blog ends. I debated for awhile about what I want to do about that right now—would I just keep my focus on myself and my travels, or would I have a bigger picture? What’s the point of reading this if it’s a winding travelogue, never to be visited again?

And then this made me reflect (again) on why I’m in Belize. I didn’t do it for the traveling. Sure, I have travelled and it has been absolutely amazing and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful I have the money and time to do this, but if I really wanted to just sight see and be comfortable, I could have taught in Europe and hopped on a train to France every weekend. There are things that are going on in my head that I’d much rather the world see than just a journal of what I am doing. I also think I’ve written more about me than what’s going on in the schools here in Belize.

I mean, I like myself. But not that much.

The idea for our purpose (all of the Miamians) is that what we do is sustainable. Yeah, go ahead and think environmentalism propaganda because it’s the same idea—except it’s in an educational context. Show the teachers ideas, discuss methods, implement programs, and it will be better than shoving some fancy technology like Ipads or something in their faces. Primarily in the area of special education we are doing some great stuff. My friend Erica, the lone intervention specialist at Compre HS, is going to be doing a guest post about her time there. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of how sustainability is our focus.

I want to make my blog sustainable. I want to make the people who read my blog (probably not so many right now!)—think. I want to bring up issues that may strike something in you or someone else. My vision is that I am able to expound upon issues, social/political/economic that influence the dynamic world of education. I’m a firm believer in writing being able to change things, however big or small those things may be. I think any teacher would agree.

I didn’t know when I began this blog that I would want to take a different angle. I’m in no better place to be doing this than as a student teacher in a foreign country.  When the blog was began, the idea was to have all of the other Miamians contribute. But we went our own ways with blogs because there are thirteen of us, most of who wanted to keep a blog. So please keep reading and please feel free to give me some ideas for a new title!

And of course, I’ll still include my travels while in Belize. Don’t worry mom!



  1. 🙂
    oh, and don’t be discounting France for being so comfortable on the more tangible side–those intangibles are the ones that, no matter where you are, will always get you 🙂

    1. haha gretchen how dare you go to france to study abroad, you tourist. just kidding. but really, you haven’t seen belmopan. i would liken it to sidney.

  2. i know I only teach one teenager;however, I appreciate and I am inspired by your desire to leave your mark on the Belizian education system. Finding ways to connect with a student can be frustrating but when you see the light bulb go off and he/she gets it….it is the most rewarding feeling. I thank God there will be teachers who really care and will do whatever it takes to see a student succeed(like their moms or dads). Just to let you know, i giggle everytime I think about you. WE are so proud!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear from you—thank you so much for the support! And teaching one teenager is better than teaching no teenager! 🙂 Miss you and love you

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