Just say “no.”

Thanks to all of the Ohioans who voted on Tuesday. I was stupid and didn’t think of getting an absentee ballot before I left the country. I was too caught up in student teaching in Loveland to even think about it…isn’t that ironic?

Anyway, the repeal of Senate Bill 5 is good news for me, as I’ll be (hopefully) teaching next year. I always feels as if there are rumors and exaggerations about things like this, but this one was pretty bad. I have some links to the Secretary of State’s website that outline the arguments for and against Issue 2.

Click here for the opposition

Click here for the affirmative

I was pretty disappointed about the quality of information here. Both ‘arguments’ seemed to me just generalization and pathos. So I tried another link on the website, titled “Full Text.” Dear Lord, it was the most impossible thing to parse and understand. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place to figure out what exactly this bill is saying…but don’t you think the Secretary of State’s webpage would be helpful?

On the affirmative side, you’ll see that Issue 2 would “enable schools to retain and reward good teachers by allowing them to base pay raises on job performance.”


It sounds great, right? Pay the good teachers more! I don’t even know where I could find this plan or how it would be enabled had the issue been approved, but the only idea I have is taking OGT scores and seeing whether teachers have ‘raised’ their students’ scores. Which still doesn’t make sense because only teachers through the 10th grade level focus on OGT preparation. While I taught in Loveland (11th and 12th graders), the OGT was a thing of the past. Some other 11th and 12th grade teachers may not be so fortunate to say that, as it does take some students until senior year to pass. It’s still not a base evaluative factor, though. Hmm.

Another idea could be that principals would be given the responsibility of figuring out who’s worthy of more pay because he or she has to do routine evaluations of these teachers. Which is scary. Because we’ve all known one of those principals. The one who is totally out of touch and plays favorites, coddles coaches, and never gets to know the kids—-or the teachers.

Side note: no offense to you teachers who are coaches. Yes offense to you who are coaches and think you’re a coach before you’re a teacher. I’m not afraid to say that I had teachers like that in high school who taught me next to nothing, sat in their chairs reviewing stats and plays while giving me a wordsearch to do for busy work. How is that OK? And why hasn’t anyone confronted those people?

So, I like the idea of rewarding those teachers who work their butts off (Theresa Bosse, I’m looking at you) but I just am scared of how this ‘evaluation’ thing would go down.

This is my ideal: someday teachers will be able to critique and keep other teachers accountable for the sake of teacher quality and not pride (instead of waiting on administration and legislation).

I don’t want to act like I have answers, but this is just what I know right now given my experiences. However, I think we all need to do a better job of being educated about these matters, myself wholly included, because yes! Even politicians have half-baked ideas.

If you have any information about the accountability idea in Ohio and throughout the United States, PLEASE send it my way.

In the meantime, watch this:


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