So, Where Do You Live Again?

256 Coomacairn

Right thurrrr

256 Coomacairn has been my home for the past month. Niurka and Keila, host mom and host sister, have been my lovely family members too! They have welcomed me with warmth and lots of yummy food. Niurka is a Spanish teacher at OLOG, so she is the perfect person for me to live with! She teaches me Spanish, I help her out with English from time to time. Keila is a 2nd Form student at OLOG.

This is my host pet…Cookie. She was so little when I arrived in Belmopan, but now she’s all grown up! Her interests include: ankle biting, jumping on my legs, and peeing. She also likes to eat cookies. It is also impossible to get a good picture of her because she is ALWAYS moving.

The Cookie Monster

I kid you not, the sky looks like this during every sunset. Beauty.



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