I have always spent Thanksgiving in Ohio. In Sidney, Ohio to be specific. Never anywhere else, no family vacations, no service trips with the Honors program, no crazy road trips. Spending it in a foreign country where it’s 80 degrees in November was not as appealing as it should have been, until I jumped into the Caribbean. After that, everything was alright.

This was our home for five days. A huge thanks goes out to Lisa and George, the owners of the Westwind, for giving us such a great deal and treating us like family.

Thanksgiving dinner was as follows: Stuffing, mashed potatoes, more mashed potatoes (but with lots of cheese), sweet potatoes, salad, bread, and turkey. I also bought a bottle of Chilean Merlot and kept it alllll to myself because no one liked merlot. Sadly, I could not finish it. We dined on the beach, which was a lovely feeling. Lisa made somewhere around 8 pies, and we sampled them. I had sweet potato pie for the first time, and I’m a fan!

My days consisted of acting like I can tan and “laying out,” (that resulted in a sunburn), kayaking around the coast and seeing starfish and jellyfish, going to a cafe called Above Grounds (it really is above ground—a treehouse!), scouring Placencia for good Christmas gifts for friends and family, hanging out in the hammock, watching Crazy Stupid Love, and online Black Friday shopping. It was the ultimate touristy weekend. Placencia is a magnet for tourists because of its lovely beaches; tourist season begins after Thanksgiving, so we had a fairly quiet time.

I loved Placencia so much that I think Michelle, Nicole, and myself may return during our last week in Belize for an English Ed. power trip. I really can’t imagine spending my last days not on the beach—I just love it too much.

Although belated, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is reading. Here are some things I’m thankful for:

The fact that I got here, with the help of many awesome people

That I still want to be a teacher 

How well I’ve gotten to know the Miami student teachers on this trip

That I was able to Skype my entire family on Thanksgiving AND watch some of the Macy’s day parade! (I think it was Grandma and Grandpa’s first Skype experience…)

This guy:

My mom, dad, Jenny, and Alli, with whom I CANNOT wait to spend the holidays.

And above all else, Christ, who strengthens me.

* Thanks to Mary Grace and Michelle, who do not know it but were my beach models in two of the photos!


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  1. nanna i miss you!!!! im completely jealous of your beach experience, mostly because we literally have two inches of snow in Muncie. :/ i love you and CANNOT WAIT for you to be home, 16 days til i get out of school, which means about 17 until i get to see you!!!!! ah! <33

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