Optimism and Impending Doom

Today I attended Miami’s Teacher Job Fair. I was filled with so much excitement, hearing Dean Feyton praise us on how far we’d come and how great we all looked, with our fancy suits and coiffed hair (yeah my suit was still too big. She must not have been looking at me.) 

I am bursting with reaffirmation that teaching and education will be my biz for a long, long time. I love the people in this field—even though I am now competing against my friends, Dean Feyton commanded us to give each other hugs before we busted down the barriers to show off for school districts all over Ohio. I mean, the juxtaposition was just too precious. I love education folk. Seriously. Do you think business majors do that?  I absolutely love how amidst all of the competition, it’s people first. Always, always.

I got some contacts and an interview—not as many as I’d liked to have had, but quite honestly, all of the schools I was considering were all filled up before I got to them. Too many of us, too few of them. Which speaks to the impending doom; after all the fuzzy feelings of how I’m meant for this field, WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I GRADUATE AND AM JOBLESS??

I don’t know.



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