To the unemployed, you’re not alone

Two months ago, I had to leave this wonderful place:

Upham Arch, the iconic and typical college building. so college

Mr. McGuffey and McGuffey Hall, the home to us education majors

The most rad, smart, and hilarious language arts cohort you will ever find

And if you’re wondering, after two months—yes, I’m still without a teaching job.

It’s hard to feel successful when you are living at home with mom and dad and your biggest responsibility is driving your 15 year old sister to driver’s ed in the morning. To those of you who have just graduated and are still playing the game of ‘get a job quick’: you’re not alone!

I prepared myself for this potential issue when I was finishing out my last semester of college. I had heard of recent grads’ concerns, the fears, the hopelessness of finding a job in a recession, but nothing can really prepare you for a life of no work after working your butt off since high school. The Protestant ethic dies hard. I did not get a summer job because I thought I could score a job for this fall and wanted to prepare for that (I am actually going to be substitute teaching next fall, so I’m not a total waste) but I probably could have tried to get a job at like Lowes or  Kroger or something. Instead I applied like crazy, got an interview for a teaching position, thought I had the position, and did not get it. So far this summer I have been keeping myself busy by organizing stuff around my house that my parents never got time to because they AT WORK, and visiting my super smart and successful medical student significant other.

To me and the rest of America, time is money. I am losing time before I have to pay back my student loans, which means I’m losing money.  Thank God I have a support system like awesome parents and friends who feed me and give me health insurance because I don’t know what I’d be doing right now.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is, but writing again feels good. I hope that you who don’t have a job keep persevering, because as the Buddhist quote I put at the top of my job application data spreadsheet* says, “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.”

I miss Miami University and its security, but I couldn’t stay there forever. Now, I want more than anything to land a job where I can be the teacher Miami has prepared me to be.

*yes, I’m nerdy enough to have one. I heard of someone else doing this and thought it was a good idea. So far I’ve applied to over 30 positions, and have interviewed with four. It’s a good way to keep track of where you applied (especially if you’re like me and get a phone call from a school three hours away and they schedule an interview with you but it turns out to be a just a long term sub position and you have to cancel because you didn’t remember applying to the position).


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