The Honeymoon’s Over


The honeymoon period.

All teachers know what I’m talking about. It’s glorious. Students sit obediently in their seats, eager to learn. They write. They ask questions. They play the game of school wonderfully.

My students rarely play the game for long, then the honeymoon’s over. Which doesn’t mean that I totally lose engagement, but I just have to work harder to get their attention. It’s pretty exhausting, meaning that I am also out of my metaphorical teaching honeymoon. New Post-it notes can only get me pumped for so long. I already feel jaded; I’m trying to look at it as “experienced.”

This school year has opened with many ups and downs, but I have a GREAT group of kids this year. Many of them are leaving public schools around the area to attend our school by choice for the small group instruction, not because they have to be there.


Some cool things that are happening this year:

We have a student council! I am one of the advisors, and we had our first meeting today. We’re planning a Homecoming dance, which will be later this month.

I wrote the SLO for my department of one.

We are reading Animal Farm in class. I am so pumped. Dystopian nerds unite!

My students can basically TPCASTT any poem they encounter.

AND they’re doing homework this year! (I think that could be honeymoon too.)

My LCD projector project is up on! Donations are matched up to 20 dollars until October 31st by Kenwood Towne Center, just enter the code MALL20 at checkout!


That’s all, folks. I have to go grade a bunch of papers now. Peace.




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