An infusion of technology, and why teachers need to run and do yoga

Things have been pretty cray in room 102 lately. 

In a good way, of course. Except these lovely responses from my most colorful class, my middle schoolers: ImageImage



Never a dull moment. 


Our school recently received a grant that got us interactive whiteboards, so I am anticipating learning to work with a new classroom toy. In the meantime I’ve been reveling in the wonder of using an LCD projector—I am doing a rhetoric unit with my high school students, and I’ve been using Prezi to deliver content (you can look at my presentation for Rhetoric here). We are having some great discussions and the kids are learning how to identify fallacies in their daily lives. Pretty beautiful stuff. Soon they’ll be examining the Declaration of Independence and writing their own declarations from something in their lives. For some reason I get really pumped to teach the Declaration…which is something I would have never believed if I knew that part about me when I was a high schooler.   


Year two of teaching is more difficult and more easy in many ways, but I think the most important thing to calibrate is balance in all areas of life. This goes for everything—housework, church, workout routine, social time, family time*, errands, cooking. For me the easiest to fit in is workout routine. If I feel like I’m letting my body go, then my mind goes right along with it—I need to exercise my body when my brain is being fried all day. Yoga has allowed me to rest all judgements, all the lies I hear and believe, and worries at the mat (in addition to relieving the lower back pain I get from…) 

Running! Oh running, you terrible tease. One day I’m feeling great, knees don’t feel a thing, and the next day I feel like I have arthritis. And my ankle hurts. And my foot does this weird crack thing. And sometimes it doesn’t. And when I’m having a twenty-something running day and not a senior citizen running day, it is truly a blessing. I got to run with coworkers last night and it was wonderful (even though it was about 35 degrees). Our conversations are pretty cathartic, as is the icy air. Also when I run I get lesson plan ideas, so…double whammy.  

Long day at school, heart full. 



*I got to see my mom, dad, sister, and dog this weekend. So rejuvenating. 



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