Some of you may notice, if you’ve been around here before, that the blog looks a bit different. It was a time for a change (since I haven’t done much with the structure–at all–since I started blogging in college). What started out as a student teaching  travelogue is now a look into my professional teaching life.

A big thanks goes to my sister who is my authority on ‘aesthetic web design.’ (Really, I just run things by her because I know she’ll give it to me straight if she doesn’t agree). And she’s my biggest fan, along with my mom and husband.

You’ll find that you can find recent posts much easier, and feel free to check follow the blog via email!

I’ve also updated my main menu (check out new stuff in Lessons and Get Involved In Education)

I don’t like the idea of ‘promoting’ myself, but if you think that someone would think the content and dialogue here is cool, then I will not be opposed to you linking TWCT. Yup, it’s an acronym now. You can hashtag it?


I would like to thank every one who takes the time to read, comment, like, share what I have to say here. Most of this blog is me venting and verbalizing for my own sanity, but I like to know that it’s being heard. I love how easy it is to connect with others via the web. PLEASE do not be afraid to comment, give advice, ask questions, or share ideas.




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