Rocky Mountain High

Hey y’all. It’s been a crazy two months. Once I found out we’d be moving to Colorado, this happened:





(it’s an apartment comparison grid. If I would have been extra crazy, I would have made an excel doc.)




Then this happened:



Doctor Bowden




Then this happened:



Our apartment view




Then all this happened: climbing Pikes Peak, getting terrible altitude sickness, and taking bad panoramas with my phone.



Taken ten minutes post-hurling

mountains4 mountains6 mountains7 mountains11 mountains12


There you go.


Oh yeah, and this happened (I have no picture to describe it):

I got a job!

It actually happened before we moved, but I’ve been waiting to see if I don’t change my mind and want to become a mountain guide (JUST KIDDING, that would be terrible).

This job is just about everything I could want in a teaching position: alternative school, late schedule, I get to teach poetry, newswriting, composition and Shakespeare classes!

I’m truly blessed, and want to thank everyone (including my mom, who flew out here to help us get settled) who has made our transition to Colorado smooth and comfortable. It could not have gone more smoothly.

So in the meantime I’ve been doing some leisure reading (Gillian Flynn is an evil mastermind), exploring our new neighborhood, running/doing barre, attending an ipad training for school (!), dreaming up new lesson plans for my new students, and my girly guilty pleasure, Pinterest. I live it up in the summer, folks.


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