Education in the News Weekly Roundup July 7-11: Common Core Cat Fights, Obama, and More

State ed boards and lawmakers still butting heads over Common Core 

States all over the US are still grappling with towing the lines of NCLB waivers and adopting new accountability standards—with of course our good ol’ buddy Texas leading the way in blindly kicking and screaming like a baby who thinks you’ve taken his bottle away, only to find out later that you filled it up for him.

A common core supporter sums it up pretty well, with: “I don’t believe they did that because the standards aren’t good…It’s a political pissing match because they were left out. It has nothing to do with educational quality.”

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President Obama sits down with real, live teachers 

The lunch talk? How to improve ed policy, starting with the teacher evaluation debacle, along with testing.

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How to teach creativity is becoming more prevalent

At the college level, classes to inspire and ‘teach’ creativity are popping up. Read this NYT article to get some ideas on how to teach creativity in your classroom (such as students writing up a ‘failed’ resume).


NYC expands its Pre-K public programs

An additional 53,000 Pre-K kids will get to attend school this year, thanks to an expansion of Pre-K. Read on to find out how this will impact private in-tact programs with teacher recruitment.

Read entire article here.


American PBL looked through an international eye 

Read this eductopia article about American PBL (project based learning) through the eyes of a UK educator—there are some cool-out-of-the box PBL schools out there!


Have a great weekend, y’all!




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