TWCT is looking for writers!

TWCT is a one-woman operation, as you can tell from my sparse updates (sometimes less than once a month :/).


I have decided that since I am in a new place, at a new job, and I want to grow the blog and readership, I would like a writing companion or two!


Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Someone with more CS experience than me. Maybe with some graphic design background.

2. Someone who is in a teaching position at the elementary, middle, or secondary level, preferably in a Title 1 school or equivalent

3. Someone who is passionate about education and sharing/spreading ideas to help enhance the profession

4. I am open to people who work in non-profits that are after-school programs

5. Someone who can handle writing posts 2-3 x a week and contributing on the topics of Teacher Profiles, Teacher Talk, and Education in the News Weekly Round Up


This is a non-paid position. If you’ve got ideas on how to make $$$ from blogging, I’m all ears.

I can offer you the joy and excitement of redefining a blog site and seeing its transformation!


Please send an email telling me who you are and answering those five questions above to


Click any share button below to help me spread the word!!




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