Education in the News Weekly Roundup: July 14th-18th

StateImpact reports that “alarming allegations” had been made against the Concept Schools Horizon Science Academy in Dayton, Ohio. Allegations include racism, sexism, and allowing sexual misconduct to continue without intervention. The FBI is investigating the Chicago-based charter school organization.


Edweek reports that some states are going to take their shot at creating their own standards—do they have enough time and manpower? Will they be reinventing the wheel? The suspense is just killing me.


Is it better to be “nice” or eschew character for “success”? NPR’s story For Most Kids, Nice Finishes Last covers the relationship between being “good” and “successful” in school.


Read here  for an in-depth look at the dialogue concerning teacher tenure in California.


This one hits close to home for me. Read NPR’s story about balancing new testing requirements with teaching students with learning disabilities.


Lots of NPR this week. What can I say, it’s just good stuff.


Have a great weekend, y’all.




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