A new addition to the family and discounts for back-to-school

Hey y’all, I have (again) fallen into that inevitable trap of not writing because I’m working. I am vowing that this year it will not happen, thanks to a reminder I set in my phone. This past week has been new-teacher orientation plus time with my school doing inservice and professional development trainings. It has been challenging work, and I am grateful for a district that is focused on making its teachers better. That does not come without some brain exhaustion. Naturally, when I get home I take a nap with this wiggly creature:







Her name is Sundae and we rescued her from the Denver Animal Shelter last Saturday. My life has improved significantly—not that it wasn’t already great, but there’s been a doggy-sized hole in my heart for quite a while. Shout-out to my husband for putting up with me (and the dog). Someday he, the dog, a cat, and I will all live in harmony—but today’s not that day.

While I didn’t get to put out my weekly Education in the News updates last week, I hope to put one out this weekend.

We are starting school the 13th, and for some reason I’m not nervous! Which is stupid because I am not prepared, not in the least. My room still looks like an atomic bomb went off, my bulletin boards are sadly blank, and I haven’t even gone school supplies shopping yet!! Gasp! Mostly because it’s expensive. 

Luckily, many places and people allow discounts for educators. And I’m always surprised when teachers and other educational staff aren’t aware of them!!

The ones that I take advantage of are:

15% off  at J.Crew in-store with valid ID or email address (and you can combine it with sale prices! A steal.)

15% off at Ann Taylor Loft in-store with valid ID

15% off at New York and Company in-store with valid ID

Staples has a rewards program for teachers

Free burrito at Chipotle for Teacher Appreciation Week! HOW DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS

A guy at the Clark’s store gave a colleague and me a really great discount just for being teachers. He was cool. I don’t know if that is a normal thing for the store to do, but I have no shame in buying super-cute patent heels that are comfortable and then dropping a hint that I’ll be wearing them in the classroom.

The most comprehensive site I’ve seen with all discounts is here. There really is something for everyone! 

But really.

It’s nice to know that businesses and people want to help us out with looking and feeling our best in the classroom and making our classrooms inviting places for students, all without breaking the bank. Thanks!

If I missed any good discounts, let me know!





  1. Because you were so honest with me, I will be so honest with you. We start tomorrow with freshmen, the 12th with everyone else…. and I am ready, but not ready. I don’t have “my own” classroom, but the ones I share are not “done” yet. What done looks like, I’m not sure… I’ll let you know. Ha! Wishing you the best!! 🙂

  2. Hi Shanna, I was wondering what ideas you explored in the professional development with your new school. How are they trying to make you a better teacher?

    1. A lot of our professional development was based around learning how our data teams work (which is a department-based team that analyzes test data and then creates goals and figures out what to do to achieve them). We also did a lot of work around Backwards Design (basically just planning your units with the end in mind). We also learned about Avid Critical Reading strategies.

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