Education in the News Weekly Update: July 28-August 8th

Back from a week hiatus, Education in the News has some good nuggets of reading for you!

Edweek’s series on The War on Poverty chronicles education’s historic relationship with poverty.

From StateImpact, “For 160 years, Ohio has had a public school system. Now, an appointed panel of lawmakers, former public officials and well-connected experts are examining how the Ohio constitution can resolve the debate over how to pay for it.” Read more here.

Courtesy of the experts at Edweek, here’s a concise New Teacher Survival Guide. (You don’t need to subscribe to see it, but you do need to make an account and log in. It only takes one minute).

From NPR, Education is Becoming a Celebrity Cause. 

This interesting NPR report  outlines a Baltimore study tracking affluent and poor families over the course of 30 years and how their upbringing and environment affected their futures.



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