Day 8: What’s in your desk drawer; what can you infer from its contents?

My desk drawer is too organized. You should see the top of my desk, though…yikes.


Sharpies: They are gold to me. I use them for our blackout poetry, which you actually see in my classroom pictures. (I’m proud of the kids with those poems, they really took some risks). They’re also quite expensive, so they are off-limits unless I hand them out.

White-out: I wondered why there were boxes and boxes of white-out when I took over the classroom. Now I know. The cards that the students keep track of their points on have mistakes on them daily by teachers like me who are still getting a hold of the point/card system (I find myself apologizing at least once a class for signing in the wrong area…one day I will know what I’m doing, but today is not that day!). You can also see where the white-out tape went wrong…it is not as trusty as the liquid stuff.

Timer: I’ve been meaning to use this, but I usually just pull out my phone when I need to time the kids for things.

Binder clips/Paper clips: This one’s pretty obvious. Hopefully one day my room will be paperless. I hate having to clip/re clip…

Post-it notes: Proof I will never be totally paperless while these are around. I love them too much. I think it’s in the genes of every teacher to have an affinity for sticky notes.

Calculator: Clearly at the bottom of my desk because I don’t have to calculate grades because of our point system!

Rubber bands: These are terrible quality and this reminds me—I need to toss them.






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