Three things I learned from parent/teacher conferences

So that challenge I started trailed off quickly, didn’t it?

I blame my my own stubbornness. I think the next post had something to do with a “bucket list” and I frankly thought it was stupid, so I didn’t do it.

Then of course I started coming up with excuses like “I’d rather be climbing/hiking/dog running than blogging” or “I need to be lesson planning”…you know how it goes.

Im back, energized by a three day weekend thanks to parent teacher conferences. And I’m writing this on an iPad and it is excruciating. Luckily our one to one iPad initiative has been repealed for reasons, so at least I won’t have to deal with the whining in the classroom about typing on tablets!

Three things I learned from parent/teacher conferences:

1. Parents will try to make you think they are hard***** about their children’s education, but I am not sure why they are trying to impress me—it’s not like I can report a parent for not caring about their child’s education until the second they have to speak with me. This makes me wonder how to engage parents in a more authentic way than meetings or phone calls…

2. I see so much more potential for the students whose parents are in their lives than from the ones whose parents are not, even if they are at the same household income level. I intuitively knew this already, but for this being the first time I have done PT conferences, it was striking.

3. When a parent goes off on a tangent about how Ebola is going to bring about an apocalypse, you SHUT IT DOWN.

October is rough, teachers, but thanksgiving is around the corner! Hang in there, and please feel free to post any tried and true ideas for engaging parents in an authentic way classroom-wide and school-wide.



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