The infographic-making website that kept me up until 3 a.m.

Before summer school starts, I’m living up the late nighters. Except I’m just doing teacher stuff so it may not be exciting, but I sure feel rebellious.

I found while I was perusing Pinterest, and decided that RIGHT NOW I had to take my ugly old Google Doc that has my expectations in it and make it into a fancy infographic because, well, why not? On the first day of school, I usually have the kids use the handout to answer Jeopardy questions instead of having them read it and then say, “are there any questions?”

This took me 3.5 hours, and I will have to make some changes before the school year because I already found a typo, but I plan to get a big version of it blown up and I’ll put it in my classroom.

Piktochart is user-friendly and it’s free.99! The free version has everything you will need. I might have to upgrade for awhile so I can get a bigger file version. I think that it is an awesome way for kids to present information. It makes you think how to show relationships, use nonverbals to communicate, and get creative.  I’ve been wanting to have them do infographics but haven’t been able to find a good, free way for them to do it. This is perfect!

Will the kids engage with this better than a Google doc? What’s your prediction or experience with this?


How to succeed in Shanna's class



  1. Wow! This is so cool. Some of my students are working with infographics to make visual aids for a compare/contrast presentation. I love the idea of using this tool for class expectations.

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