How to Set Up a Blog With Blogger: Free Download!

Hey Everyone! I created a little handout guide for students to use when I have them set up their blogs via Blogger (Google). I use Blogger because it’s linked to Google and it makes the setup because my school is a Google Apps school.

I have some pointers as a result of trial and error in my classroom for students using blogs. I had them start blogs because I wanted to try it out, so check out these tips so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Tips For Having Students Start Their Own Blogs

1. Be very specific with how you want the blogs to be titled. I made the mistake of letting them choose their own title, and you can bet I ended up with some winners. And by winners, I don’t mean winners.

2. Show students examples of some blogs you think will help them get the idea (duh). For some reason I didn’t do this and was faced with blank faces that were begging to be told what a blog even is…

3. Have students watch you do some of the steps (and go over the handout), THEN give them the computers. Don’t try to explain verbally, show them, and make them do it all at the same time. It is super frustrating for everyone (including you).

4. Encourage students to help each other while setting up their blogs. I found that there was a large range in knowledge about terminology and proficiency with using computers in my classroom. Some students don’t even know what a browser is. You will definitely be tasked with helping one-on-one too, so if you have some more tech savvy students pitching in, you’ll be grateful for their help. What could take the whole class period could take about 20 minutes from start to finish. It really isn’t difficult if they know what’s expected of them.

Download the free “How to Set Up a Blog on Blogger” handout on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Do any of you have experience using blogging in the classroom? I am just getting started and would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Blogging,




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