“What About You?”


Welcome! I am a Language Arts teacher in an alternative high school in Colorado, and have been in the profession for five years. While in high school, I had dreams to somehow work in education and focus on improving the lives of all kids through teaching. Through teacher training, teaching in Belize, an urban charter school in Cincinnati, and now in an alternative school in Colorado, I have kept this blog to stay connected, ask questions, support other teachers, and get support from them. Sharing what happens in my classroom is important to me because I think the more stories we share, the more humanized educators become in a teacher-bashing era.

We’re living in a country where education is not equal. So, what are we going to do about it? What are you going to do about it? I don’t really have many answers as much as I have questions. But I hope to get there someday—all of us, not just educators.

The title of this blog, “Those Who Can, Teach,” is inspired by a wonderful teacher’s poem, “What Teachers Make.” His name is Taylor Mali, and he is an inspiration to many teachers. Thank you, Mr. Mali, for the words that remind us we are worth far more than a salary. You can read the poem here and listen/watch his incredible performance here.


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