Guest Post

What Happens When You Put One Intervention Specialist in a School Without a Intervention Program?

Today we have a special guest post! I am so happy to introduce Erica Norman, Intervention Specialist Superstar. What she is introducing at Compre High School is absolutely awesome. She is doing exactly what Miami teachers do: taking risks, kicking butt, and taking names. (Also: she says she isn’t funny, but that’s a total lie. I’m pretty sure every time I’m around her, I’m laughing and smiling!) 

Thank you  for the opportunity to be a guest “poster” on your blog. I am not as clever as thosewhocanteachblog, so please do not get excited for any kind of comedy in my words…I’m a fairly bland individual. Not to mention I just sweat out half of my body weight after teaching all day, so I am a bit tired. (more…)