National Board Certification

The Road to National Board Certification: Part One–Getting Organized

If you’re a teacher and you don’t like school supplies, well—I just don’t understand.

As I was sifting through all the documents NB requires you to read—forms, standards, hundreds of pages of directions—I came to a realization, looked up at my husband, and said:

I’m gonna need a bigger binder. 



The Road to National Board Certification

Hello, my name is Shanna and I’m a self-proclaimed masochist.

It’s true, though. I always try to do things the more difficult way because for some reason making things more difficult makes sense to me. My husband pointed this out to me a year ago and I’ve accepted it ever since. For example, recipes: one time I declined his compliment of how good something I made tasted because it wasn’t hard enough to make. Now, I know that’s just stupid. But that’s how I am.

Sometimes, doing the difficult things the difficult way does make sense. Like getting National Board-certified.