Get Involved in Education

You do not just have to be a teacher to change the lives of children. In fact, volunteers, donors, partnerships, communities, and churches are a pivotal force in the educational success of all children. We are all stakeholders.

And what’s the point of me blogging and telling you about this if it doesn’t drive you to do anything?

Here are some ways you can get involved or learn about education: 

Be in the know

Because it interests me and I think it’s important, I read a lot of education-y things. You don’t have to read volumes of books to know about what’s going on in education, because education changes so quickly. Here are some good quick ways to stay updated and feel supported in contributing to conversations and decisions concerning education locally and abroad: is a fantastic way to find education news and commentary. It is probably the most comprehensive solely education news website. It also has some great blogs written by educators.

Cult of Pedagogy is my newest addiction. It is, obviously, teaching instruction focused, so be aware that non-practitioners may not be as satisfied. However, there is a great podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez, the brains behind the operation, titled “How ordinary teachers become activists.” If you want to know about the education climate and how teachers are participating in it, please listen and/or read the transcript of this episode. It has empowered me, and I want it to empower others! Everyone, not just teachers.

Living in Dialogue is a must-read for education news that is less mainstream than edweek.

Diane Ravitch’s blog rivals no other. She posts so often, and so well, that visiting her site ten times a day to hear what’s going on isn’t enough!

Want to know about what’s going on in education in Ohio? StateImpact, from NPR, is a great up-to-date resource. There is also a branch for Indiana and Florida.

The Harvard Edcast is my nerdy obsession, but if you’re on that level you’ll like it too. It covers everything from educational technology to school reform. Download it on iTunes U for mobile devices.


The Strive Partnership of Cincinnati is an amazing partnership for Cincinnati Public Schools, focused on tutoring.

Lighthouse Youth Services has multiple opportunities for volunteers and donors. It is a large organization that touches all aspects of advancing the dignity and well-being of youth and their families.

Donation is a phenomenal way to directly impact the resources that teachers all over the United States desperately need.

Read What My Students Are Writing

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  1. Everyone can get involved somehow! Some of my friends and I started a blog to help raise awareness among our friends about important educational issues.

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