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A New Year, New Kids, New Goals

For those of you curious about my new position and my career/life updates, this one’s for you.


This school year started off strangely—my biggest behavioral issue has been my dog.

Normally, I would be making plans about how to manage new behaviors in the classroom, because my previous position required it. Honestly, I didn’t mind it too much.

Then I found out my dog barks when my husband and I leave, and actually has some pretty severe separation anxiety.

So my biggest stressor so far this school year have been: figuring out how to handle the dog during the day, deciding if we should even keep her, and how we are going to pay for all of it.

Although I have worked out some of those problems (and we are keeping her 🙂 ), I still have to figure out how to train her when both of us work 10-14 hour days.

So learning a whole new position is not so bad, compared to the dog issues.

Anyway, back to school.

What’s this school about?

When I tell people I teach at an “alternative” school, obviously that word doesn’t get very far, so I have to clarify: