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Guest Post on Cult of Pedagogy

Happy Wednesday! Sunday, “A Day in the Life of an Alternative High School Teacher” went up on Cult of Pedagogy, which is one of my favorite teaching blogs/sites. Eight months ago I contacted Jennifer Gonzalez, asking to post and share about the school where I teach. She was so kind to let me write for the site. It is my first guest post, and I can truly say that it was a great experience! I have already heard questions and comments from various educators/education fans–even a former student. The internet is such an interesting place sometimes.

I’d love for you to check out the post and Cult of Pedagogy!





The infographic-making website that kept me up until 3 a.m.

Before summer school starts, I’m living up the late nighters. Except I’m just doing teacher stuff so it may not be exciting, but I sure feel rebellious.

I found while I was perusing Pinterest, and decided that RIGHT NOW I had to take my ugly old Google Doc that has my expectations in it and make it into a fancy infographic because, well, why not? On the first day of school, I usually have the kids use the handout to answer Jeopardy questions instead of having them read it and then say, “are there any questions?”

This took me 3.5 hours, and I will have to make some changes before the school year because I already found a typo, but I plan to get a big version of it blown up and I’ll put it in my classroom.


What I Learned in 2014/2015

Shout out to Sam G., who tagged me in her recent blog post! You have motivated me to write, lady. Please check out her blog–it has some great ideas that I’ve totally “borrowed!”

I have had about a month off teaching, and it has been a glorious month filled with everything not teaching related—climbing, hiking, a wedding, various bodies of water, catching up on old relationships and starting new ones, and the most glorious of all: gratuitous sleep. I mean, ridiculous amounts that I am (almost) ashamed of, especially since my husband just had his first 30 hour call shift. These things are necessary for recharging, but I caught myself picking up Penny Kittle’s Write Beside Them, getting ideas for my classes, and I knew it was time to start prepping for next school year and reflecting on the one past.

What better way to kick off my summer blogging than a good ol’ reflection? I made my kids do them, so I might as well have a taste of my own medicine.


Changing the Way We Talk To And About Our Students

Sometimes I come home and think:

“Today was a fight.”

“It was a battle.”

“I had to really put the gloves on today.”

Or, I’ll say to my students:

“You guys are killing me today!”

“You have to sit down now.”

“If you do not follow directives, I’ll have to call ________.”

“Don’t talk during the quiz/test/journal write.”