first-year teacher

Damage Control

They say that the earlier you identify a problem, the more likely you are to prevent damage.

I guess what I’m about to say is kind of like that.

I’m not going to play up my teaching experience as a wonderful, squishy nice, fun fest in which every day I awoke with energy brimming, ready to embrace my disadvantaged, minority, inner-city students.

Not every day have I felt like that. Definitely some days, more than not I’d say, but not every day.

I highly doubt anybody feels like that. Not even those peppy Teach For America over-achievers. (A TFA-er works at my school, in which we discuss often that this job doesn’t get easier, only more difficult). Not that difficult’s a bad thing, but I notice that I have asked myself at least once this year:

“What if I went to med school?”

“What if I went to law school?”

“Is it too late to transfer to the business sector?”

“How long ’till I retire?”



A New Foray

This will be short because I have to lesson plan…


I spent all summer searching for my first job as a (paid) teacher, and I found it. This past month I have learned more than I could have imagined—my job is wonderful and makes me feel like I’m making a difference. To be able to use what I’ve learned in college feels great. I teach at a charter school, right in the midst of school reform battleground. I am excited to share new things that I come across while I’m teaching that apply to school reform, and how I can begin to make a difference in the lives of many, many people. I have a wonderful staff, crazy awesome students, and I get to teach! You all can expect some interesting posts this school year—I will update as often as I can!