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Teacher Talk: To Tablet or not to Tablet?

I recently went to a training for my district for using Ipads in the classroom. Come January, we will be one-to-one Ipads, all day, e’rryday. I’m psyched because my kids will actually have a way to compose something in class on a piece of technology. I don’t ask for much. But in these trainings, the tension was thick! Many teachers think it’s a waste of money. Many see them being more of a distraction than a learning tool. Many do not believe that changing the form in which you drive instruction will make a difference. And there are just as many who disagree.

I’m not sure what camp I’m in, but I know from experience in my classroom that if we’ve got a screen then the kids don’t have to stare at me—and we’re all a bit happier for that.

It’s not easy to be beautiful at 6 a.m.