rock climbing

Sharing our fears with our students

I am not a risk-taker in both the physical and not-physical sense. Thinking myself adept in the process of cost-benefit analysis (just not the math kind), I have made sure to make choices that put my planned-upon success before the risky kind of success. I have never broken a bone because I haven’t really ever put my self in a situation where bone-breaking is a thing that is an option—until I found rock climbing.

I have a colleague named Bob Smith (not a fake name, he elected to share his name because he’s just that cool) who climbs rocks for fun and is also a guide. It is his passion and his life. He goes and climbs things far away and has minimal showers and he loves it. He is also a teacher who inspires me. When I initially met him, I thought a couple things: 1. he had a death-wish and 2. he is clinically insane.

A year later, I do not think those things anymore because oh, how the tables have turned. (more…)