“Hamlet Crazy”



Yup, that’s me in the McGuffey 2nd floor lobby during college, anticipating the day when I could wear this shirt while being a teacher. That day has come.



Back From Hibernation

“Holy Saint Francis,” it’s been awhile.

I guess I forgot I had a blog (not). Actually, I’ve been refusing to write until the sun came out. And it’s out, so I guess I’ll write.

These days I’m working out at the gym on the daily to make myself remember I have a body that moves in ways other than running around my classroom all day. Teaching burns energy, but the only muscle it really challenges is my brain. I don’t even think the brain’s a muscle. Whatever.

I guess tackling Romeo and Juliet with my kiddos occupied a lot of my time too. At the beginning of the year, if someone told me “you will be teaching the trials and tribulations of Will Shakes’ most popular characters with your inner-city students who haven’t even heard of the Bard, and you’ll be teaching them dramatic irony,” I would have said “yeah right. Maybe in three years.”

But it happened, and I’m not to say I was successful (a few of ’em couldn’t tell me who Tybalt was on their tests), but I don’t really dwell on that. The fact is that I can look at myself and say “self, you have grown. You are teaching great works of literature to some great kids.”

There isn’t much more I could ask for. I haven’t even cried yet this year (not even once!) in regard to my job. For many teachers who teach in schools with little angels who stand in straight lines and do their homework, I don’t think all could say that. I cry more watching Grey’s Anatomy. I think I’ll probably cry during graduation, though. I can’t imagine my own little angels going out into the real world. Craziness.

There is no way I’m even 1/8th on my way to being a great teacher, but I’m learning what it takes. It takes time, chocolate, support, a lot of research, asking for help, courage, stepping outside your comfort zone, sleep, a strong exterior, communication, forcing yourself to be creative when you don’t wanna be, and asking yourself how you can be better. Every day, ask how you can be better—because you always can.

Next week is our Spring Break. Expect some elaboration about what has been going on in my classroom in future posts sometime next week.